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American Freedom Awareness Ribbon Lapel Pin

American Freedom Awareness Ribbon Lapel Pin

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As Americans, we are faced with a critical moment in our nation's history. It is up to us... the good, hardworking people, to rise to the challenge and take back what is ours - our freedom, our democracy, and our very identity as a nation. We can work together to overcome corruption, crime, and hate that threatens our society and restore America to where it's supposed to be.

But like any issue that needs to be solved... it starts with awareness, unity, and courage. So let us stand united, wearing and sharing our American Freedom Awareness Ribbon Pins with pride, as we join the movement to reclaim our country's legacy of liberty and justice for all. We are the ones we've been waiting for - let's seize this moment to raise awareness and make our voices, and values, be heard!


Show your support for important causes with the most beautiful Awareness Ribbon Pins in the world.

Made of high-quality brass, they are gold or silver plated and feature double butterfly metal clutches on the back for added security and to prevent rotating.

At 1.25” in size, they are slightly larger than most other ribbon pins you'll find.

Best of all, the unique form of the pin has an interior piercing that gives it an authentic ribbon appearance—making it a subtle and elegant way to show your support.

Whether you’re wearing them to support a cause close to your heart, gifting to a loved one to show you're thinking about them, or using as a conversation starter to raise awareness, these pins are sure to make a statement.


High-quality brass. Gold or silver plated. Double butterfly metal clutches on the back for added security. Unique and refined. Meticulous attention to detail. You'll find that the Awareness Ribbon Pins design, crafted with a cut-out center for an authentic ribbon look, is the most beautiful ribbon pin available in the world.

Please note that the appearance of colors differs depending on the monitor/screen you are viewing it on.

If you would like a different shade than the one listed above, you can choose nearly any Pantone C color from our Customized Color Awareness Ribbon Pin. For best accuracy we highly recommend consulting a modern official Pantone C color guide when selecting your enamel shades. may be of assistance if you do not have access to a Pantone C guide.


At 1.25 inches, these Awareness Ribbon Pins are the perfect size to be seen and appreciated. Elegant and classy. Yet never gaudy. They offer a subtle, but attractive way to spread awareness about issues that matter to you. 


  • Durability and resistance to corrosion are guaranteed thanks to our die stamped brass construction compared to cheaper, low quality pins made of iron.
  • Unlike traditional Cloisonne paint, which is plagued by inherent flaws, high costs, and limited color options, our Epola enamel has superior durability and offers a more accurate color representation.
  • Double butterfly clutches are standard on every ribbon pin to ensure a secure and reliable hold. Whether your pin is set in any position, its strong clutches will prevent it from rotating like other pins with only a single clutch.
  • Each ribbon pin is thoroughly inspected and individually bagged post production to ensure consistent quality.


We also offers custom pins of your own designs with no minimums. Our production capabilities can turn out up to 1,000,000 pins in 3-6 weeks lead time.

We can also offer custom printed hang cards and jewelry boxes with pre-mounted pins that are all ready for distribution.

For custom inquiries, click here.

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