We believe that the more awareness we can all raise, the more positive impact we can all make.

That's why after 30+ years as a Custom Lapel Pin manufacturer (US PIN) for organizations from little-league baseball teams to big-name brands...

We decided to use our experience and expertise to create the most beautiful ribbon lapel pins for our awareness organization clients to give out at their rallies, marches, events, etc.

But not only that! We also wanted to offer our pins to you directly. Not only so you can show your own support. Or spark conversation about the causes that matter to you. Or give as a special gift to someone you love... but also to help you make a difference in a real and tangible way.

Because with every one of these beautiful Awareness Ribbon Pins you purchase, we'll donate $1... on your behalf... to the cause of your choosing!

Simply choose your desired ribbon pins and quantity. After that, choose from one of our many approved charities and organizations to donate to. From there, we'll automatically take care of the donation as soon as you check out!

Plus, you can easily check your donation status and see how much you've donated from your account dashboard!

So you can show your support and feel good knowing that you’re truly making a difference!